Naohiro Maeda was born and raised in Japan and moved to America in 2016, has honors in his major, fine art photography at the New England School of Photography in Boston, has the Bachelor of Arts in Keio University. Currently living in Salem, MA. 

His fine art works were exhibited in galleries in United States, United Kingdom and Russia.


Solo Exhibition

November 2018: “Passage”, Space Place, Nizhny Tagil, Russia

Group Exhibition

July 2019: “25th Annual Juried Members' Exhibition”, The Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester, MA.

July 2019: “Summer 2019”, The Curated Fridge, Somerville, MA

April 2019: “Minimalist Works First Photography Exhibition”, 68 Middle ST, Brighton, UK

January 2019: “Winter 2019”, The Curated Fridge, Somerville, MA

December 2018: ”the 2nd Annual Print Swap Holiday Exhibition”, ROOT Studios, Brooklyn, NY

August 2018: "COLLAGE(2)", A R E A (SoWa), Boston, MA

June 2018: "The Abstract Image", Praxis Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

May 2018: "Spring 2018", The Curated Fridge, Somerville, MA



August 2019: Instagram Takeover, SE Center of Photography

June 2019: Issue #95, F-Stop Magazine

April 2019: SEEN Magazine (“Passages”)

April 2019: L’Oeil De La photographe (The Eye of Photography) (“Cars Are Sleeping”)

January 2019: Boston Globe

December 2018: Issue #91 "At Night", F-Stop Magazine

November 2018: Float Photo Magazine Instagram Takeover

November 2018: The Hidden Photo

October 2018: iGNANT

September 2018: Photo/Foto Magazine

September 2018: L’Oeil De La Photographie (The Eye of Photography) (“Passages”)

August 2018: Issue #90 "Land, Sea, Air", F-Stop Magazine

June 2018: Issue #89 "Altered Image", F-Stop Magazine

March 2018: Instagram Takeover, Inside The Outside